DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange - BBj

For this topic's original documentation, see DDE-Dynamic Data Exchange.


In BBj 2.02 and higher, the DDE driver is implemented as a BBj FileSystem Plug-in. The OPEN syntax is different from VPRO/5 and an alias line is required. However, the read and write statements work the same in BBj as in VPRO/5. To use the DDE plugin in BBj, add the following alias line to the config.bbx file:

ALIAS Jname com.basis.plugin.DDEOpenPlugin

Note that the alias name must begin with a J.

To open a local DDE connection, use:


To open a network DDE connection, use:



10 REM This program reads the groups defined in Program Manager
20 REM Requires ALIAS J0 com.basis.plugin.DDEOpenPlugin
30 OPEN (1,MODE="DDECLIENT=Progman:Progman")"J0"
40 READ RECORD(1,KEY="Progman")TEXT$
50 CLOSE (1)