List of Errors

Error Description
!ERROR=0 File, Record, or Device Busy or Inaccessible
!ERROR=1 End of Record
!ERROR=2 End of File
!ERROR=3 Disk Read/Write Error
!ERROR=4 Disk Not Ready
!ERROR=5 Peripheral Data Transfer Error
!ERROR=6 Invalid Disk Directory
!ERROR=7 Pointer Out of Range
!ERROR=8 Disk Write Error/Data Miscompare
!ERROR=10 Illegal File Name
!ERROR=11 Missing or Duplicate Key
!ERROR=12 Missing or Duplicate File
!ERROR=13 Improper File/Device Address
!ERROR=14 Improper File/Device Usage
!ERROR=15 Disk Full
!ERROR=16 Directory or Table Overflow
!ERROR=17 Invalid Parameter
!ERROR=18 Illegal Control Operation/Permissions Error
!ERROR=19 Program Too Large
!ERROR=20 Syntax Error
!ERROR=21 Invalid Line Number/Label
!ERROR=24 Multi-line Function Error
!ERROR=25 Undefined User Function
!ERROR=26 String/Number Mismatch
!ERROR=27 Return, Retry, Loop Error
!ERROR=28 Next Without For
!ERROR=29 Mnemonic Error
!ERROR=30 Bad Program
!ERROR=31 Workspace Memory Overflow
!ERROR=32 Hardware Stack Overflow
!ERROR=33 System Memory Overflow
!ERROR=34 Buffer Overflow
!ERROR=36 Call/Enter Mismatch
!ERROR=38 Illegal Command in Public Program
!ERROR=39 Untrapped Escape In Public Program
!ERROR=40 Numeric Overflow
!ERROR=41 Invalid Integer
!ERROR=42 Nonexistent Numeric Subscript
!ERROR=43 Format Mask Error
!ERROR=44 Step Size of Zero
!ERROR=45 Invalid Statement Usage
!ERROR=46 Invalid String Size
!ERROR=47 Substring Out of Range
!ERROR=48 Invalid Input
!ERROR=49 STBL Error
!ERROR=54 Open of File With Invalid Header
!ERROR=60 General I/O Error
!ERROR=61 Invalid Program Level
!ERROR=62 Protected Program
!ERROR=63 Uninitialized Variable
!ERROR=65 Keyboard Lock Error
!ERROR=66 Program Structure
!ERROR=69 User Count Exceeded
!ERROR=70 Network User Error
!ERROR=71 Network Error
!ERROR=72 Network Connection Lost
!ERROR=77 General SQL Error
!ERROR=78 SQL Availability Error
!ERROR=80 Recordset Failure
!ERROR=81 Update Record Conflict Error
!ERROR=82 Mapping Error
!ERROR=85 XCALL Server Returned Error
!ERROR=91 Clipboard Must be Locked
!ERROR=92 Clip Error
!ERROR=93 Child Window Does Not Exist
!ERROR=99 License Error
!ERROR=100 License Already Checked Out
!ERROR=103 Critical Disk Read/Write Error
!ERROR=104 Critical Disk Not Ready Error
!ERROR=107 Critical File Corrupted Error
!ERROR=125 Plugin Error
!ERROR=127 Escape
!ERROR=150 Verb Not Implemented
!ERROR=151 Function Not Implemented
!ERROR=152 MODE Not Supported
!ERROR=153 File System Not Large File-Enabled
!ERROR=200 Application Subroutine Error
!ERROR=201 Client Side Error
!ERROR=202 Incorrect Usage of BBj Language Element
!ERROR=204 Client Out of Memory
!ERROR=205 Destroyed SysGui Object
!ERROR=206 SCALL BBj Argument Error
!ERROR=207 BBj State
!ERROR=208 Multi Thread Error
!ERROR=209 Custom Object Error
!ERROR=210 BBj Embedded Java
!ERROR=225 Failure to Start or Stop a Jetty Context
!ERROR=251 BBj Custom Object in Another Session
!ERROR=252 Embedded Java Error
!ERROR=253 ClientObject Java Error
!ERROR=255 Internal PRO/5 Error


BASIS reserves the error numbers in the range 0-255. Error numbers in the range 256-1024 are reserved for developer use, generated by the THROW verb.

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