SENDMSG() Function - Send Message to Windows and Controls




The SENDMSG() function sends messages to windows and controls. The meaning of the returned string depends on the type of object the id parameter refers to and the message being sent.

While the SENDMSG() functions contained in this section apply to windows and child windows, there are SENDMSG()functions that apply specifically to grid , INPUTE, INPUTN, and tab controls, as well as those that apply specifically to setting international keyboards. The following identifies the parameters common to all SENDMSG() functions:




Valid SYSGUI channel.


Object ID. For system operations, use a value of -1. Use a value of 0 when referring to the window in the current context. When the context parameter is included, using a value of 0 refers to the window of the specified context.


Function number.


Four-byte integer containing an argument for a given function.


String argument for a given function.


Context that contains the specified ID. This parameter is only necessary for objects that do not pertain to the current context.


Branch to be taken if an error occurs during execution.

If any parameters are invalid because they specify an id or context that does not exist or are invalid for the request, Visual PRO/5 generates an !ERROR=17 and sets the TCB(10) value to the 1-based index of the invalid parameter.

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