!ERROR=17 - Invalid Parameter

For BBj-specific information, see !ERROR Changes in BBj.

  • Using the SAVE, LOAD, CALL, RUN, or ADDR verb on a non-program file.

  • String arguments of the AND(), IOR(), and XOR() functions do not have the same length.

  • The seed string argument of HSH() and CRC() is not two bytes long.

  • Executing a FILE statement with bad parameters.

  • Attempting to reference a disk that is not a valid disk, or a disk that has been disabled via the DSKSYN option.


  • Invalid key table string encountered. This could be a string passed as the second string in a FILE verb or it could be the result of a corrupted MKEYED file header.

  • A KNUM= option is attempting to select a key number that does not exist.

C-ISAM Error

  • Attempting on statement on a C-ISAM file that did not have a record extracted.

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