!ERROR=46 - Invalid String Size

  • The length of the string is invalid.

  • Executing SETDAY with a string length other than 8.

  • Executing the ASC() function with a null argument (the string length equals zero).

  • Using the TBL() function with a null table length.

  • When the KEY= option has a string longer than the defined key size for that file.

  • Failure to locate key in data record of an MKEYED file because of field number or field length problems.

  • String template field descriptor too long. Each individual field in a template is allowed up to 255 bytes for a description. This limit is exceeded only when the user-defined attributes are too long.

  • Template field name too long.

  • String argument for UPK() is too long/short.

  • String name in STBL() is too long/short.

  • INPUTE pad character is more than one byte.

  • A CISAM verb was executed with a bad key definition.

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