LCHECKOUT() Function - Check Out License


LCHECKOUT(feature,version {,ERR=lineref})


For BBj-specific information, see LCHECKOUT() Function - BBj.

In PRO/5 Rev. 3.10 and higher, the LCHECKOUT function checks out one license of the specified feature. LCHECKOUT returns an integer handle. The version is a string that contains a number that can be less than or equal to the version that is available. An attempt to checkout a license for a version that is greater than the version that is available will fail. LCHECKOUT() errors set TCB(10) to the FLEXlm error number (refer to the Error Code Descriptions in the appropriate License Administrator Guide). LINFO(handle,1,1) can be used to determine which version was actually checked out.

For more information about using licenses in your application (FLEXlm/FLEXnet Application Licensing), please contact your BASIS sales representative.
See also LCHECKIN Verb - Check In License and LINFO() Function - License Information.



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