config1.pngSetting SYSWINDOW Options

The SYSWINDOW configuration page provides for creating and removing SYSWINDOW definitions.

  • To add a new Syswindow device click Add.

  • To remove an existing Syswindow device, click anywhere in the column, then click Remove.

  • Row


    Alias name

    Enter an alias name for the device. The alias must start with "T" and contain between 2 to 6 characters.


    Enter a text description of the device. Do not use quotation marks.


    Enter a clipboard flag for the device. Setting the clipboard flag causes the SYSWINDOW device to enable Cut (Ctrl+X), Copy (Ctrl+C), and Paste (Ctrl+V) functionality.


    Enter the number of columns for the device. Default number of columns is 80. Windows will not allow any Visual PRO/5 terminal window to be larger than the display screen. The maximum is 255.

    Conditional expr

    Enter a conditional expression for the device. It should be in the format T? and will cause this SYSWINDOW device to be valid during a Visual PRO/5 session only if FID(0) = T?.

    Font name

    Enter a font name for the device. The default font is Courier New. Valid choices are any fixed pitch font installed on your system.

    Font size

    Enter a font size (in points) for the device. The default is 10 points. Valid choices are any point size supported by the font specified in Font Name.


    Enter the invert flag for the device, which causes the Invert light/dark check box in the Print menu to be initially checked. The invert flag (unchecked) causes print screen output generated from this SYSWINDOW device to be black with white text. If the flag is not set and you do a print screen from SYSWINDOW console mode, the output will be black with white text. To generate output that is white with black text, make sure that the invert flag is checked.


    If checked, the SYSWINDOW device will be initially invisible.

    Lock file

    Enter the name of the lock file (if any) to be created when the device is activated.

    Lock mode

    Select the lock mode settings from the following:

    • No lock mode - Lock mode options are not available.

    • Normal - Locks the screen to set the number of columns and rows (default).

    • Varyfonts - Causes Visual PRO/5 to resize the font to enable all data to appear on the screen.

    • Scrollbars - Causes Visual PRO/5 to use scroll bars to enable the user to view all data.

    Initial state

    Select the initial window display settings from the following:

    • Default state - Initially displays the window according to the default x, y, width, and height settings.

    • Maximized - Initially displays the window as maximized.

    • Minimized - Initially displays the window as minimized.


    Checking the box causes the menu for the clipboard operations and the screen print to be added to this SYSWINDOW device.

    Persist through BEGIN

    Checking the box prevents the close of an opened SYSWINDOW when a BEGIN is encountered in a program.


    Set the number of rows for the device. The default is 25, and the maximum is 255.


    Enter the window title. The default is Visual PRO/5.

    X position

    Enter the X position in pixels from the left of the client area. The default is 100 pixels.

    Y position

    Enter the Y position in pixels from the top of the client area. The default is 100 pixels.