Functional Listing of EUS Utilities

Error Processing Utilities
_warn.utl Utility - Save Warning Message for Later Display
_unerr.utl Utility - Unexpected Error Handler
_saywarn.utl Utility - Display All Buffered Error Messages
_lwarn.utl Utility - Redisplay Most Recent Error Message
Input Utilities
_lkeymap.utl Utility - Load Keymap
_ekeymap.utl Utility - Edit Keymap
_ninput.utl Utility - Standard Input
_rstold.utl Utility - Restore Old Keymap
_rsteus.utl Utility - Restore EUS Keymap
_cleanup.utl Utility - Clean Up Environment
_ask.utl Utility - Ask a Question
_yesno.utl Utility - Ask a Yes/No Question
_help.utl Utility - Online Help Manager
_helpidx.utl Utility - Re-Index Help Screen File
Menu System Utilities
_msedit.utl Utility - Edit Menu Record
_mkdlog.utl Utility - Make Dialog Menu
_msdrv.utl Utility - Menu System Driver Program
_msmktpl.utl Utility - Make Menu Template Record
_msrsz.utl Utility - Resize Menu Template
_mslst.utl Utility - Make Menu List
Miscellaneous Toolkit Routines
Miscellaneous Toolkit Routines - Introduction
_cdir.utl Utility - Change Directory
_chksum.utl Utility - Manage Program Checksums
_outdev.utl Utility - Select Output Device
_prntsel.utl Utility - Select Printer
_qkcpy.utl Utility - Quick Copy
_repl.utl Utility - String Search and Replace
_scall.utl Utility - OS Shell Command Execution
_setpath.utl Utility - Resolve Global References
_tadd.utl Utility - Add New Field to Template
_tlate.utl Utility - Phrase Translation
_undate.utl Utility - Convert Date Strings to Stored Format
Window Management Utilities
_mwin.utl Utility - Make Window
_crmsg.utl Utility - Create Message Window
_msg.utl Utility - Print Message in Message Window
_rmmsg.utl Utility - Remove Message Window
Additional Data Dictionary Utilities
Additional Data Dictionary Utilities
_ddopen.utl Utility - Open Data Dictionary
_ddclose.utl Utility - Close Data Dictionary
_ddfil.utl Utility - FILE Interface Module
_ddfld.utl Utility - FIELD Interface Module
_ddguess.utl Utility - Guess Record Layout
_ddmake.utl Utility - Make Data File
_dderase.utl Utility - Erase Data File

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