_ddopen.utl Utility- Open Data Dictionary


call "_ddopen.utl"


The _ddopen.utl utility opens the data dictionary (creating it first if it does not yet exist). Users must call this program prior to calling any other data dictionary interface modules.


CALL BBEXT$+"_ddopen.utl"

This routine first attempts to locate the data dictionary in the following directories:

  • The directory named in STBL("DICTIONARY"), if this global string is set.

  • The directory named in the operating system environment variable, BBDICT, if that environment variable exists.

  • The subdirectory "BBDICT/" under the current directory.

If it cannot locate the directory based on one of the above rules, _ddopen.utl prompts the developer to enter the location of the data dictionary files.

After _ddopen.utl knows where to look for the data dictionary, it attempts to open the data dictionary files. If it cannot find the files, it prompts the user to initialize a new data dictionary. A negative answer stops the program. At that point, if _ddopen.utl is told to initialize, it creates new data dictionary files.

After the data dictionary files are located, _ddopen.utl:

  1. OPENs all data dictionary files.

  2. Sets the system globals to track the channels the dictionary files were opened on.

  3. Sets the global strings to the string templates that are used to access the data dictionary records. These global strings are described in Data Dictionary Record Templates.


All data dictionary files.

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