_ekeymap.utl Utility - Edit Keymap


call "_ekeymap.utl"{,application_code$}


The_ekeymap.utl utility is an interactive keyboard configuration program used to edit the following keymap values:

  • Customize standard keystrokes; for example, to change the <HELP> key from F1 (the default) to F3 to match WordPerfect's Help key.

  • Define application-specific keystrokes and optional programs to associate with them.

  • Parameter



    Application code to be used as part of the key for keymap records.

    If this parameter is not passed to _ekeymap.utl, the global string (APPLICATION) is checked for. If this string does not exist, the application code defaults to "TAOS"+(LANGUAGE). The (LANGUAGE) global string is normally set up in the configuration file for TAOS or the EUS Toolkit. The application code may be up to 10 characters long.

    For additional information, see Input Subsystem.


CALL BBEXT$+"_ekeymap.utl"

(Refer to Customizing Keymaps for additional information on editing keyboard entries)

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