_crmsg.utl Utility - Create Message Window


call "_crmsg.utl"


The _crmsg.utl utility creates a one-line message (prompt) window at the bottom of the screen. This window is used by the _msg.utl program.


The following creates a one-line window without a border on the last line of the screen. The default window colors are WHITE on RED and are controlled by the global key word: (MESSAGE_COLOR).

CALL STBL("BBEXT")+"_crmsg.utl"

The following changes the color value to MAGENTA on CYAN:


See Color Codes for the complete color code map.

When the message window is created, the global string (#MSG_WINDOW) will contain its window number. Once created, the message window remains on the screen until it is removed with _rmmsg.utl.

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