_ddmake.utl Utility - Make Data File


call "_ddmake.utl",fileid${,options$}


The _ddmake.utl utility creates the data file associated with a given file ID.




File alias from the dictionary.


"s" Silent.


The following creates a data file based on information associated with the CUSTOMER alias.

CALL BBEXT$+"_ddmake.utl","CUSTOMER"

The file name is based on FILE.PATH$. For example, if FILE.PATH$ is (DATA)customer and the (DATA) global string is set to "/basis/gldata/", the file name will be /basis/gldata/customer. If FILE.PATH$ is null, the file name defaults to (DICTIONARY)customer, causing the data file to be created in the same directory as the current data dictionary.

The file type is based on FILE.TYPE; this field maps directly to the first byte of the PRO/5 FID() string. The default file type (if FILE.TYPE does not specify a valid PRO/5 file type) is MKEYED in multi-key mode.

The record length is set to FILE.RLEN (if nonzero), otherwise, the record length is calculated based on the record layout.

The number of records is FILE.RNUM. A value of 0 implies a dynamic file.

If the file already exists, _ddmake.utl causes the following to be displayed:

The file filename is
associated with the alias.
Do you want to erase and remake filename?

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