I/O Concepts - Overview

PRO/5 is one of the few programming languages that defines complex file structures and peripheral device control as part of the language specification. To minimize the impact of moving applications to new environments, PRO/5 provides an abstract I/O interface. This interface is designed to provide powerful and efficient I/O processing, while not being tied down to specific hardware or host operating systems. PRO/5 employs a unique approach to I/O and is designed for sophisticated business data processing applications with heavy demands on the file system.

In This Section

I/O Channels

PRO/5 Files and Devices

Disk File Types

Summary of Access Modes

Distinguishing Files from Devices

Record/Byte Files

Fields, Records, and I/O Lists

File Pointers

File System Limits

I/O Errors with File System

Disk File Names

Data Server Syntax

PRO/5 Memory Mapped Data Server Access