An INDEXED file is a sequence of fixed length records. The records are numbered starting with zero. An INDEXED file is initially created with a given record size and a given record count or an INDEXED file may be dynamically allocated by specifying a record count of 0. No data is written to a dynamic INDEXED file by PRO/5 at creation time. An INDEXED file created with a fixed number of records is filled to capacity with records on creation, each record containing only $00$ (NULL) characters. The application program must initialize the file if any initial content is desired. Additionally, a record may not be created unless it is the first record that immediately follows the last record in the file (you may not create gaps in the file). If created with a fixed record count, an INDEXED file does not change in size. Records may be accessed in any order by providing a desired record number (index). INDEXED files are created with the INDEXED verb.

An INDEXED file may contain records up to 32767 bytes in length and have as many as (2^31)-1 records. The INDEXED file may not contain more than (2^31)-1 bytes total.

The FIN() of an INDEXED file returns no information specific to INDEXED files.

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