In BBj 7.00 and higher, this event is returned by BBjAPI().getLastEvent() when the program is executing callback code that the program has registered for the ON_DB_GRID_ROW_CHANGE_REQUEST event.


When users click, it indicates that they want to move to a different row. Clicking in a row or pressing arrow keys, the BBjDataBoundGrid will not change the currently selected row. Instead, it sends a BBjDBGridRowChangeRequestEvent. It is then the responsibility of the program to respond to this event. Typically the program will respond by calling moveToRecord(row) on the BBjRecordSet that is associated with the BBjDataBoundGrid, then by calling setSelectedColumn(column) on the BBjDataBoundGrid.

Methods of BBjDBGridRowChangeRequestEvent


Methods of BBjDBGridRowChangeRequestEvent inherited from BBjGridCellEvent

Return Value Method
java.awt.Rectangle getCellBounds()
int getColumn()
string getOriginalText()
int getRow()

Methods of BBjDBGridRowChangeRequestEvent inherited from BBjSysGuiEvent

Return Value Method
BBjControl getControl()

Methods of BBjDBGridRowChangeRequestEvent inherited from BBjEvent

Return Value Method
string getEventName()
string getEventString()

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