Language Concepts - Overview

The Language Concepts section provides the background necessary to understand the rest of the manual. The terms and concepts discussed here are the fundamental building blocks of PRO/5 programs.

If you are a beginning programmer, some of the more advanced concepts in this section may be too much too soon. Therefore, you should consider reading this section again at some point in the future when you are more familiar with program design.

If you are an experienced programmer, some of this section may seem redundant. However, even the most subtle differences between languages can cause trouble when a programmer's assumptions are based on prior experience with a similar language.

In This Section


Commands and Statements

The Compiler/Lister

Console Mode/Run Mode

Interrupting Program Execution

Program Editing

Program Overlaying

Data Types/Data Structures

Numeric Precision and Range

Numeric Constants, Variables, and Arrays

Integer Variables and Arrays

Expression Overflow and Underflow

Numeric Array Expressions

Numeric Operators

Numeric Output




String Arrays

String Input

String Output Masking

String Templates

Error Trapping Rules

ESCAPE Handling