Payroll - Daily Entry Register



This task prints all employee earnings units and dollars entered through the Daily Entry task. The earnings are sorted by department and listed by date, with subtotals printed by department.


=> To access this task...

Select Daily Entry Register from the Daily Entry menu.

If batching has been enabled then you will be presented with the Process Batch Control Screen, to either select an existing batch. Batching allows several people to work within the payroll system at the same time on a different set of processes. The batch number assigned carries through to the Daily Processing Menu Choices.

Process Batch Control

Daily Entry Register

About the Fields

In the Through Date field...

  • Enter the date through which Daily Entries are to be reported and updated.

  • Click to select from a Pop Up Calendar.

When finished making selections...

  • Click to accept the date and generate the Daily Entry Register.

Sample Daily Entry Register output


See Output Options


If errors were encountered, a warning will be displayed. A Password-protected Override can force the Update.

If no errors were encountered, or the Password-protected Override was used, then a confirmation prompt is issued.


  • Click [Yes] to complete the update.

  • Click [No] to return to the Payroll Daily Entry menu without completing the update.


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