Maintenance Grid


The maintenance grid is used for editing a small set of records (generally less than a few hundred) as a group. By default, changes are saved to disk immediately, as the user navigates away from each row. Configuration options are available to cause Barista to load the entire file into memory and only write changes to the data file when the user selects "Save current data" or closes the program.


Add to End

To add a new record to the end of the grid, select Record > Add to End from the menu, press Ctrl+A, or press the image\ebx_-1270443640.png tool button:


Insert before

To insert a new record before the current grid row, select Record >Insert Before from the menu, press Ctrl+Shift+A, or press the image\ebx_-1919554241.png tool button:


Pending Changes

Records that have been added or changed, but not yet saved to disk, show a * in the left margin, for example:


Expand record

To view or edit the current record in a Maintenance Form, select Record > Expand before from the menu, press Ctrl+E, or press the image\ebx_-149093403.png tool button:


Closing a Grid Maintenance Program

To close the program, select File > Close from the menu, press Ctrl+F4, or click the close box. If there are any unsaved changes, the user is prompted to save or discard the changes:


Options Entry Form

Options Entry forms prompt the user for a set of data. When the user selects Record > Run Process or presses F5 or the image\ebx_-685287560.png tool button, Barista passes that data on to an overlay program (usually a report or batch update). It also saves the data entered by the user so that it can be optionally reused the next time the form is used.


Options Entry Grid

The Options Entry Grid is used to prompt the user for multiple rows of data. As with the Options Entry Form, the data is passed on to a report or batch update program for processing when the user selects Record > Run Process or presses F5 or the image\ebx_-685287560.png tool button.



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