The Barista® Application Framework is both an application development and runtime environment. This document focuses on the end user or reseller and describes the runtime functionality that Barista brings to applications built within the framework.

The examples presented here feature AddonSoftware® by Barista, but can be applied to virtually any Barista-built application.

The following font styles appear throughout the document to indicate the different components of the Barista application:

Barista or Application Component

Example of Use

System or Applications Menu

Access this task from the File menu.

Tasks and Additional Options

Once users and roles are defined, one or more roles are assigned to each user by accessing the User Security Roles item on the Additional Options menu of the Users form.

Fields on forms or in grids

At a minimum, the User Name, Firm ID, Document Group, and Language ID must be defined for each user.


Press <Enter>.

[Button push]

Click the [Run Process] button.

User input

Type DEFAULT in the Document Print Group field.

In addition, the Menu and Toolbar Overview contains descriptions for the various tool buttons and provides the corresponding keyboard equivalents.


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