Menu and Toolbar Overview


A menu bar appears above a toolbar at the top of the user interface window. Items in the menus as well as the buttons on the toolbar are context sensitive and appear as required. Subsets of the toolbar may also appear at the bottom of the form as a user convenience.


Many menu and toolbar operations also launch with shortcut key(s). For a listing of those shortcuts, click the menu item at the top or press [Alt]+<the underscored menu letter> such as [Alt]+F:


From the Edit menu, press [F7] to toggle between the header and the detail grid. 


For easy reference to the icons, locate them below

Application Toolbar

New - clear current form

New/clear form – clears the current form in order to enter new data


Add to end button

Add new – adds a new record after the last current row in grid entry


Insert new button

Insert new – inserts a new record before the currently selected row in grid entry


Edittoggles from navigation mode to edit mode while moving across a row from cell to cell


Delete current record

Delete current record – if focused in header portion of header/detail form, prompts for deletion of header and all detail; if focused in a detail grid, deletes current row


Save current data – saves current record/data in a grid, or header and all detail records if in a header/detail form


Run Process

Run process – runs the associated program in Options Entry forms after making selections


Refresh – refreshes the screen


Print – prints records


First record button

Display first record – navigates to the first record in a table

[Alt]+[Page Up]

Previous record button

Display previous record – navigates to the previous record in a table

[Page Up]

Next record button

Display next record – navigates to the next record in a table

[Page Dn]

Last record button

Display last record – navigates to the last record in a table

[Alt]+[Page Dn]

Record Query

Record query – invokes the inquiry subsystem to view records from the table associated with a form



Find field records – displays a list of candidate records when in a validated field


Display Master Record button

Display master record – displays full contents of the record underlying a validated field


Expand grid recorddisplays the hidden contents of the grid row



Display calendar – launches a graphical calendar for use in date fields


Launchlink – opens the link in the appropriate external application such as an email address or web URL


Drilldown button

Drilldown – launches a user-specified drilldown definition


Maintain record notes – allows entry of developer notes for the highlighted/selected table


Launch Barista Form Manager launches the development toolbars, beginning with the Barista Form Manager and access to the Barista From Designer and Callpoint Editor (only accessible by developers)


Options button

Display additional options – displays a dropdown menu containing optional processes, such as subsidiary forms or reports



Developer Toolbars

First point of entry for the developer is the Barista Form Manager, from which all other toolbars are accessed.


Barista Form Manager


Barista Form Designer


Barista Callpoint Editor


Document Management Toolbar

Save button

Save – saves the report file with additional dropdown option to "Save as" and "Save as Google Doc"

Create image of the current report page

Print button

Print to System Printer – prints the currently displayed document to the Document Output window

Email – launches document Queue process form for emailing report

Reload page button

Refresh Data – reloads/reruns document

First record button

First Page – navigates to the beginning of the document

Previous record button

Previous Page – navigates to the previous page of the document

Next record button

Next Page – navigates to the next page of the document

Last record button

Last Page – navigates to the page of the document

Actual Size, Fit Page, Fit Width – changes how text fits on document page.

Zoom In, Zoom Out – changes document view incrementally

Zoom button

Adjust view by percentage – changes document view by percentages

Find – launches find dialog window with search options

Adjust Columns button

Adjust Columns – opens Document Output Column Adjustment window to adjust column widths and set fixed font (only available in the DocOut Viewer)

Document settings button

Document Settings – opens Document Print settings window (only available in the DocOut Viewer)

Output Selection

Output Selection – opens Document Output Selection window to select method of output, i.e. printer, disk, email, fax, Google doc, etc. (only available in the DocOut Viewer)



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