autolic Utility - Automatically Register and Install Licenses


autolic {-d}


For BBj-specific information, see autolic Utility - Automatically Register and Install Licenses BBj.

The autolic utility is available in Visual PRO/5 revision 5.0 and higher.

The autolic utility is a stand-alone Windows executable that automatically registers and installs license files on the local machine. You must complete a successful manual registration before using autolic. The autolic utility performs the following functions:

  • Obtains license registration information from the registry values under the registry key: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BASIS\BasisReg. This information is obtained from performing the license registration either from the VPRO/5 installation program or by running 'Register for a License'

  • Connects to the BASIS license generator using sockets via HTTP protocol, submits registry information, and obtains the appropriate license file.

  • Ensures that this license file is not already installed.

  • Ensures that this license file is the correct license for the machine (validates the hostid).

  • Checks for conflicting licenses by scanning the appropriate license directory, reading all license files for same feature(s), and renaming conflicting files to have an extension of .bak.

  • Installs the license file into the appropriate directory.

  • If the license is a multi-user license and the BLM is running, then the BLM performs a re-read function in order to obtain a new license file. Starts the BLM if it is not running.

  • If the license file is a multi-user license and selection of a BLM has been previously performed to another machine, then the current pointer license (basis.lic) file will be renamed to have an extension of .bak and a new basis.lic file will be created to point to localhost.





Displays informational and error messages. Omitting the –d option creates an autolic.log file in the VPRO/5 directory for single user licenses and in the BLM directory for multi-user licenses.

Return Value

0 License successfully installed.

1 Failed to load properties file.

2 License already installed.

3 Invalid license authorization number.

4 HTTP request failed.

5 Hostid in the returned license file does not match the server machine.

6 License returned from the BASIS license generator was invalid.

7 Failed to load properties file.

8 Unable to create the license file.

9 Unable to read/write the license file.

10 Unable to rename the license file.


The following automatically registers and installs a license file:

LET I=SCALL("autolic")

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