_qres::Enumerate_Res_Child_Windows - Get All Child Windows for a Given Top Level Window


call "_qres::Enumerate_Res_Child_Windows",reshandle,resource_id,child_list$,


This routine returns a list of all child windows on a top-level window in a resource.




The handle that the target resource is opened on.


The ID of a top level window on which to look for children.


Returns a string that contains a list of the child windows on the given top level window. Each window will have an entry that contains the window name, window ID (genealogy), context (always -1) for compatibility with Enumerate_Sysgui_Child_Windows, the HTA() of the window's event mask, and the HTA() of the window's flags, in the following format:

"WINDOWNAME1" + $00$ + "10.20" + $00$ + "-1" + $00$ + "FFFFFFFF" + $00$ + "00000810" + $0A$ + "WINDOWNAME2" + $00$ + "10.20.30" + "-1" + $00$ + "FFFFFFFF" + $00$ + "00000810" + $0A$

All fields are terminated with null and the record is terminated with a $0A$. The above example shows a child window called WINDOWNAME1 that is control ID 20 on top level window (form) 10, and a child window called WINDOWNAME2 that is control ID 30 on a child window that is control ID 20 on the top level window (form) 10.


Returns 1 for successful operation and 0 for unsuccessful operation.


Returns a description of the problems encountered.

This routine does not check for enough memory to get the window information (RESINFO). An !ERROR=31 may result in cases where the window being evaluated is complex and contains many controls.

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