Configuring the BASIS BBj AppServer

Certain characteristics of the BBj AppServer can be controlled through configuration. These include:

  • Setting the maximum number of users allowed to connect to the AppServer.

  • Viewing the total number of users connected since the AppServer started and viewing the current number of users logged on.

  • Setting the port and network interface at which the AppServer can be found (needed by Thin Client in order to obtain the services of the AppServer).

  • Setting whether or not Thin Clients are to be allowed to break to Console Mode.

  • Terminating the AppServer.

Modification of these characteristics is done through The Enterprise Manager. For more information, see Configuring BBjServices via Enterprise Manager. The Enterprise Manager is an easy-to-use GUI application written entirely in Java and can therefore be run on any machine with the current BASIS supported J​DK (Java Development Kit) and a windowing system. For more information on the Enterprise Manager, see BBj Enterprise Manager.