CLOSE Verb - Close Channel


CLOSE (channelno{,ERR=lineref})


For BBj-specific information, see CLOSE Verb - BBj.

The CLOSE verb closes the specified channel or socket connection, releasing files or devices.




Number of the channel to be closed. NOTE: Channel 0 cannot be closed.


Branch to be taken if an error occurs during execution.

After a channel has been closed, it is available to be OPENed. If the channel is already closed, PRO/5 takes the ERR= branch if one is specified; otherwise PRO/5 does not issue an error. All channels, except 0, are automatically closed by the BEGIN, END, RELEASE, START, and STOP verbs.

When a CLOSE verb is issued to a printer, PRO/5 waits to close the channel until the output is flushed, or the number of seconds specified in the modes WAIT=int parameter has passed. The modes WAIT=int parameter is ignored if the channel being CLOSEd is not associated with a printer.


1000 CLOSE (X,ERR=9500)

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