KEY(),KEYF(),KEYL(),KEYN(),KEYP() - BBj File Key Functions

For this topic's original documentation, see the KEY(),KEYF(),KEYL(),KEYN(),KEYP() - File Key Functions.

BBj-Specific Information

BBj returns a syntax error if the KNUM= option is used with the KEYF(), KEYL(), KEYN() or KEYP() functions. Previous versions of the BBx language allowed the KNUM= option with these functions, but ignored it at runtime. The KNUM= option is legal with the KEY() function.

JKEYED Behavior (Deprecated)

When any of the KEY() functions are used with a level 2 or level 3 JKEYED transaction, an !ERROR=0 (Busy) can occur if another transaction has a range lock on a key chain.

VKEYED Behavior (BBj 6.0 and higher)

Because VKEYED files support named key chains, the KNUM option can specify either a key number (e.g.: KNUM=0) or a key name (e.g.: KNUM="zipcode").