BBJSP JsonTags (Deprecated)

The BBJSP system is deprecated. For new development, use BBxServlet.



In BBj 17.0 and higher, the BBJSP JSON library provides a common set of tags that can be used to control generation of JSON data for use in pages under the BBJSP framework.


Tag libraries need specifically importing into a BBJSP page by using the taglib directive. Here's an example of how to register this tag library in your page:

<%@ taglib uri='/WEB-CFG/tld/json.tld' prefix='json' %>

The uri points to the tag library definition within the web application and the prefix defines how the tag will be prefixed in the markup.


Tag Name


Boolean Represents a Boolean value
Ddl Generates data for a Drop-Down list
Float Represents a FloatingPoint value
Integer Represents an Integer value
Object Represents a JSON Object
Param Passes parameters into a <JSON.Query> tag.
Query Generated json from an SQL query.
String Represents a String value
Vector Represents a JSON Attay


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