The ODBC Standard

ODBC is a standard Application Programming Interface (API), first introduced by Microsoft, which creates a thin, unifying layer between applications and heterogeneous database drivers. ODBC established a standard for applications accessing data and a standard for Database Management System (DBMS) vendors to provide access to their proprietary data through a common API.

The BASIS ODBC Driver gives ODBC-compliant products access to PRO/5 and BBx files. It can be set to function as a PRO/5 Data Server client with Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) connectivity.

ODBC Architecture

ODBC architecture has four components: the application, the ODBC Driver Manager, vendor supplied drivers, and the source of actual data. The application deals directly with the ODBC Driver Manager to access foreign data. ODBC-compliant applications do not need to deal directly with proprietary database interfaces.