BASIS Data Dictionary

The data dictionary is the critical component that allows the BASIS DBMS to understand the structure of your data. Each BASIS Data Dictionary represents a BASIS ODBC Driver data source.

Data dictionaries are organized, formal descriptions of data files that store physical and logical file attributes. The BASIS Data Dictionary is a powerful tool that holds a central description for tables in a database. It is used to describe the characteristics of one or more BBx files; PRO/5, Visual PRO/5, or BBj.

Currently, there three different ways to create and modify a BASIS Data Dictionary.

BASIS IDE offers developers using any BBx language a single environment for writing application code, viewing file data, and editing database definitions.

Enterprise Manager offers the developer or administrator using BBj a single interface for configuring BBjServices and editing database definitions and components including Triggers and Stored Procedures.

DDBuilder offers a fully functional graphical data dictionary utility that completely supports all the features of the BASIS DBMS, including views. DDBuilder lets developers exploit the power and convenience of a data dictionary without having to spend time and resources creating a custom data dictionary utility. DDBuilder is included in this distribution when selecting a full installation.