Payroll - Exception Report



Prints all exception earnings dollar amounts and units entered through the Payroll Entry task for earnings such as overtime, double time, and sick pay as designated in Report  Code Maintenance. Computer, manual, and reversal entries are included. Subtotals are printed by department, with a grand total of all exception earnings dollars and units for all departments printed at the end of the report.

To access this task...

Select Exception Report from the Daily Processing menu.


If Batching has been enabled then you will be presented with the Process Batch Control Screen, to select an existing batch.   Batching allows several people to work within the payroll system at the same time on a different set of processes.   The Batch number assigned carries through the Daily Processing Menu Choices.


Process Batch Control

Payroll Exception Report



NOTE: The exception codes used for printing the Payroll Exception Report are defined in the Report Code Maintenance task. This report may be reviewed to observe trends or spot discrepancies in non-standard labor expense.


  • Click to generate the Exception Report.

Note: Exceptions will be noted both on the report and on the screen.

Sample Exception Report


See Output Options


When the process is complete, you are returned to the Payroll Daily Processing Menu.


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