Payroll - Employee Master Listing



The Employee Master List prints a report of employee information, sorted in either numeric sequence by employee number or in alphabetic sequence by last name. The report may be printed for active employees, terminated employees, or for both. All general information included in the Employee Masterfile such as address, phone number, emergency contact, pay type, and rate is printed on the report.


=> To access this task...

Select Employee Master Listing from the Reports menu.

Employee Master Listing


About the Fields


From the Option dropdown...

  • Select All (A)  to print information for selected employees.

  • Select Active (L)  to print information for selected employees that are neither Terminated or Inactive.

  • Select Inactive (I)  to print information for selected employees where the Inactive Checkbox is Checked.

  • Select Terminated (T)  to print information for selected employees that are marked as Terminated.

From the Sequence dropdown...

  • Select Alternate Sequence (A) to print in alphabetic sequence by Alternate Sort Key.

  • Select Numeric Sequence (N) to print by employee number sequence.

When done making selections...

  • Click to process the report.

Sample Employee Master Listing


See Output Options


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