Shop Floor Control - Load Balance Inquiry



The Load Balance Inquiry provides a view of the impact that open work orders will have on the work schedule presented graphically. The inquiry displays a 24-day period from the date entered. A graphic presentation displays the available hours for each operation based on the calendar entries compared to the amount of work that is scheduled. You may select to display open, planned, or quoted work orders, or any combination. This task also features a zoom/unzoom feature that allows you to view your load balance down to a fraction of an hour.


=>To access this task...

      Select Load Balance Inquiry from the Shop Floor Control main menu.


Sample Load Balance Inquiry


About the Fields


Work Order Status checkboxes...

  • Mark the box next to Open to view only open orders.

  • Mark the box next to Planned to view only planned orders.

  • Mark the box next to Quoted to view only quoted orders.

  • Mark any combination or all of the above.

In the Operation Code field...

  • Enter the code of the operation to display.    

  • Click  Find field records  to select from a list of valid operation codes.

In the Queue Time field...

Display only. Shows the queue time established in the Operation Code Maintenance task; or from the Bill of Materials Master File if installed.


In the Pieces Per Hour field...

Display only. Shows the pieces per hour established in the Operation Code Maintenance task; or from the Bill of Materials Master File if installed.


In the Begin Date field...

The inquiry shows a 24-day period beginning from this date.

  • Enter the beginning date to display.

  • Press the [Tab] or [Return] keys to accept the default of today’s date.

  • Click Calendar button  to use the tool to select the date.

In the Days to Display field...

  • Enter the number of days to display.


The graphical image is a data widget and has the same features as those found in the Digital Dashboard.


When finished making entries to the fields…

  • Click Run Process button to display the inquiry.

  • Click to save the selections for future runs.

  • Click Insert New button to clear entries.

When clicking Run Process button, the Load Balance Inquiry’s graphical display appears. It shows the available hours set up for this operation and the hours that are scheduled against those available hours. All selections in the upper fields are interactive and changing these selections automatically changes the graphical display.



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