General Ledger - Bank Account Codes



The Bank Account Codes task is used to create and maintain the bank account codes used in the ACH electronic payment of vendors.


=> To access this task...

Select Bank Account Codes from the Inquiry and Maintenance menu.



Bank Account Codes


About the Fields

To enable edits to the form select  .


In the Bank Account Code field...

  • Click Record Query button to select a bank account code from a list of active code records. See Query Functions.

  • Click Clear Form button to create a new bank account code record.

  • Click the record navigating buttons; to view the first record, to view the previous record, to view the next record and to view the last vendor record.

In the Bank Name field...

  • Enter the name of the banking institution.

In the Bank Address field...

  • Enter the bank's mailing address.

In the Account Name field...

  • Enter the description of the account. Can use descriptions from the GL Bank Reconciliation task - this is not the same as the GL Account Name.

From the Account Type selector...

  • Select Checking, Savings, or Other.

In the Bank Routing Number field...

  • Enter the bank's routing number.

In the Bank Account Number field...

  • Enter the bank account number.

In the Check Number field...

  • Enter the next check number to use when printing AP checks.

When done making selections:

  • Click Save button to save the record.

  • Click Clear Form button to begin a new bank account code record.

  • Click Delete button to delete the record.


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