Processing Settings


Barista stores information about each user's processing environment. Users may be notified about or may wish to change some of these settings after logging in. Access the Processing Settings from the File menu.

Processing Settings in the File menu


Processing Date

By default, Barista applications use the system date as the processing date. However, there are times when users wish to set a different date to be used as the default while running the application. Change the Processing Date from the Processing Settings form.

Processing date form


When using a date other than the current system date, that date shows in the status bar as a  reminder to the user. In addition, the user is prompted with each login that the date has been changed, and is afforded the opportunity to launch the Processing Settings form.

Informational warning about the processing date presented immediately after logging in. Note date in status bar.



Most application output is handled via DocOut, Barista's built-in document management system, or by BBJasper, the integrated Jasper Reports tool. Both of these tools interface with the client OS for output, and present a standard printer dialog for choosing from a list of available printers. If the application makes use of reports that directly open a print device, those printers will be defined in the config file, and therefore listed and available for selection from the Printer tab of the Processing Settings form.

Processing settings Printer tab



Each user is associated with a default company when logging in to Barista. Once logged in, a user can switch to a different company if he/she has permission to do so, and if no forms/tasks are active.

Processing settings Company tab


Users are prohibited from changing companies if any tasks are running.

Processing settings Company warning



If an application supports multiple languages, users can change the country setting at any time. This setting will determine how dates and times, as well as numbers and currency, are presented on forms.

Processing settings Country tab




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