Barista Single Document Interface (SDI)


Barista application forms are not limited to running within the MDI. Users can opt to use the single document interface, or "SDI." Launching a form in SDI mode means that the MDI can be minimized, yet the forms will remain visible. In addition, using SDI mode means forms can be moved across multiple monitors.

Forms launched in SDI mode; the MDI can be minimized and the forms will remain


A Barista application can be placed in SDI mode "globally" from the File menu, meaning that all forms will launch in SDI mode until the setting is turned off, or on a form by form basis by right-clicking a menu task and selecting the Launch in SDI mode option.

Set single document interface mode from the File menu to launch all forms in SDI...

Single document interface mode setting from the File menu


...or launch individual forms in SDI as desired.

Launch individual forms in SDI


NOTE:  While forms launched in SDI mode are not bound to the MDI in terms of how they display, all such forms are still launched as child processes to the MDI. If a user attempts to close the MDI when any processes are still running, they will see a dialog warning them that the application is still active. Closing at this point will forcibly close all running forms, and is not recommended. Users should close all forms before closing the MDI.


Applications are active warning


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