Custom Print Services in BBj

Custom Print Services in BBj

In BBj 7.0 and higher, implementation of the Java PrintService API allows users to open print channels to any device that supports the Java PrintService API.


Installation consists of two steps.

1. Add the .jar that contains the print service to the BBjServices classpath. In Enterprise Manager, go to Java classpath, and add the jar file.

2. Add the entry com.basis.bbj.device.customPrinter in the file and set that entry equal to the fully qualified name of the class that implements the Java print service. To add multiple entries, separate each entry by commas, all on the same line.


PrintService requires implementers to provide a method getName(). The name returned is now available to SYSPRINT as a print destination. For example, if a custom print service's getName() returns myPrinter, an OPEN(1,MODE="NAME=myPrinter") alternatively allows for specifying the name in the comment portion of the print alias in the config file. For example:
ALIAS LP SYSPRINT"myPrinter"FONT="Courier"

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