Adding New Users to an Existing BBx License

Have the serial number, activation key and location of bbx4u or pro5u available.

To manually reactivate under UNIX at OS level:

./act -i ./bbx4u -o bbx4 -s SERIAL# -k activation_key

or ./act -i ./pro5u -o pro5 -s SERIAL# -k activation_key

Under DOS/Novell at OS level:

 act.exe -i bbx4u.exe -o bbx4.exe -s SERIAL# -k activation_key

Under Windows:

Click on the Activation icon. Enter the serial number and activation key.


  1. Case is very important. The serial number should be upper case; all other options and key should be lower case.

  2. Substitute pro5u (UNIX) or pro5u.exe (DOS) for PRO/5.

  3. Substitute pro5u.server for a UNIX Data Server.

  4. If the activation process results in an error, please consult Knowledge Base Article #00204 regarding troubleshooting activation problems.