Plotting to a Window

For BBj-specific information, see Plotting to a Window.

Visual PRO/5 offers the ability to perform traditional BBx plotting commands in a graphical window. If you wish to do this, first you must define a SYSPLOT plot device in your config.bbx file. The simplest possible example is:

ALIAS D0 SYSPLOT "Graphical Plotting Window"

This tells Visual PRO/5 that any time device D0 is opened, it is to create a graphical window and treat it as a plotting device. The standard PRO/5 plotting device mnemonics will then work in the window.

There are four special modes for SYSPLOT devices. As with any other modes, these can be included in the ALIAS line in the configuration file or specified in the OPEN statement.

The special modes are as follows:




x position of plotter window in pixels.


y position of plotter window in pixels.


width of plotter window in pixels.


height of plotter window in pixels.

The following is a more elaborate sample config.bbx entry with modes:

alias D0 sysplot "Screen Plotter" WIDTH=128,HEIGHT=128