Starting the Data Server - Novell

Do the following to start the data server:

  1.  Move to the host server console

  2.  Enter load pro5srv along with any of the following optional command line switches:




    Specifies a configuration filename and path to override the config.bbx file contained in the SYS:SYSTEM directory.


    Specifies a log file path and filename to override the default log file created by the -r option.


    Enables the logging function, which is helpful for debugging and security audits. It creates a text file named SYS:PRO5LOG (unless overridden by the -l option) and logs all Data Server activities. This file must be periodically cleared because it is never cleared by the Data Server.


    Directs the Data Server to log to the console screen.

Using the Data Server to Access Remote Files

From the client console, use the PRO/5 OPEN verb to access a remote file. For example, the following opens the /etc/passwd file on the accounts host server:

open (1) "/<accounts>/etc/passwd"

All controls that use pictures (image, imagelist, and tool buttons) use the standard file system OPEN, as does the printer device 'BITMAP' mnemonic. Cursors and icons use Windows APIs.