Installing the Data Server - UNIX

Logged on as superuser, do the following to install the Data Server:

  1. Create a directory for the Data Server. Although BASIS suggests the following, any directory can be used:


  2. Move to the created directory and copy the files from the distribution media, replacing the word device with the diskette drive that contains the distribution media:

    tar xvf device

  3. Enter the following to initiate the installation process:


  4. The PRO/5 Data Server screen appears, displaying copyright and installation-related information. Press <Return> to continue.

  5. The PRO/5 Data Installation screen appears, displaying more installation-related information. Press <Return> to continue.

  6. The Shared Library Install screen appears, displaying information pertaining to the installation of shared libraries for the Visigenic ODBC Driver. (Unless this is a reinstallation of the same version of Data Server software, the libraries should be installed.) Enter one of the following case-sensitive commands:

    • To include the shared libraries in the installation, enter CONT.

    • To exclude the shared libraries from the installation, enter SKIP.

    • To terminate the installation, enter EXIT.

  7. The Install Information screen appears. Enter the case-sensitive serial number and activation key that came with the Data Server.

  8. The Data Server displays a message indicating that the installation is complete.