Installing the Data Server - Novell

Do the following to install the Data Server:

  1. On the client, click the Start button to display the task bar, then click Run.

  2. Enter a:\setup or b:\setup, using the drive letter that identifies the floppy drive.

  3. The InstallShield Wizard then initiates the installation process. The Welcome screen appears, displaying copyright and installation-related information. Click Next to continue.

  4. The Choose Destination Location screen appears, and displays a suggested default directory for the installation. Do one of the following:

    • To accept the default directory, click Next.

    • To specify another directory, click Browse to display a standard Windows browse dialog. Either navigate to an existing directory, or enter a new directory to be created. Click OK, then click Next. Typically, Novell NLMs are installed in the SYS:SYSTEM directory.

  5. The InstallShield Wizard then begins installing the Data Server files. A progress indicator displays the percentage of the process that has been completed.

  6. The Product Activation screen appears. Enter the case-sensitive serial number and activation key that came with the Data Server, then click Activate. (PRO/5 Data Server revision 2.10 and higher uses FLEXlm/FLEXnet licensing software. Therefore, this step is not applicable to Rev 2.10 and above.

    This online documentation includes the FLEXlm/FLEXnet End User and is accessible from the table of contents. In addition, the Flexera Software website contains Adobe Acrobat and fully searchable versions of the current manuals.

  7. The Information screen appears, indicating that the setup process is complete. Click OK.

  8. The Questions screen appears. Do one of the following:

    • To view the readme.txt file that contains the latest information pertaining to the Data Server, click Yes. When you have finished viewing the file, close it to return to Windows.

    • To return to Windows without viewing the readme.txt file, click No.