Excluding Invalid Drives from the Search Path - Windows NT

Unlike the platforms for other BASIS Data Server products, Windows NT recognizes its own drive as a DOS drive. Unless an explicit path is set, Visual PRO/5 will search all available drives, which reduces performance and raises the potential for errors. To exclude invalid drives from the path, enter DSKSYN statements into the config.bbx files of the Data Server host and client(s). For example, the following excludes all drives but C from the search path:

dsksyn a:
dsksyn b:
dsksyn d:
dsksyn z:

Defining DSKSYN Settings for the Data Server Host

In the Data Server host config.bbx file, observe the following guidelines for defining DSKSYN settings:

  • Ensure that the drive letters identify the drives of the Data Server host itself, not the mapped drives seen from the client.

  • Be careful not to define DSKSYN settings for the local NT drive upon which the Data Server is loaded, nor for any valid NT drive from which information will be accessed.

  • To ensure maximum performance, ensure that the config.bbx file is located in the Data Server's working directory.

  • Failure to define DSKSYN settings for invalid drives results in either ERROR 17 or ERROR 12.

Defining DSKSYN Settings for the Data Server Client(s)

In the client config.bbx file, ensure that the DSKSYN settings do not include the local drive that contains the Visual PRO/5 executable.