Defining Network Access Settings - Windows NT

To allow the Windows NT Data Server host and client(s) to communicate, enable the PRO/5 or Visual PRO/5 SETOPTS byte 4 bit $20$ that controls network access. The client's network access SETOPTS bit can be set permanently or for the current session only.

Network Component

Access Setting


Host Server

SETOPTS 00000020

Host config.bbx file

Client (Permanent setting)

SETOPTS 00000020

Client config.bbx file

Client (Current session only)


Client console

For non-network access versions of PRO/5 and Visual PRO/5, it is not possible to set the network access bit.

Checking the Status of the Network Access SETOPTS Bit

To check the status of the SETOPTS byte 4 bit $20$, enter the following at the client console:

PRINT AND(A$(4,1),$20$)=$20$

If the bit is disabled, 0 is printed. If the bit is enabled, 1 is printed.