Data Server Functionality and Limitations

Data Server Functionality

The Data Server can be used to:

  • Use the OPEN verb to open files contained on the host server.

  • Use the SELECT verb to open and filter the records of files contained on the host server.

  • Open a printer on the host server.

Data Server Limitations

The Data Server cannot be used to:

  • Open a terminal.

  • Rename a remotely-located file. The file must be copied, then the original erased.

  • Remotely perform the TBL= and STBL functions.

  • Apply the TIM= parameter in I/O to the communications link.

  • Apply local FCBCACHE and SETOPTS parameters to Data Server-opened channels. The Data Server has corresponding parameters that are set by the host server's configuration file.

  • Modify the Data Server's PREFIX data or the current directory from the client.

  • Issue system calls (SCALL).

  • Change the current directory (CHDIR).