Chaining Data Servers

Note: As of Rev 2.10, this feature is no longer supported. If chaining is needed for the purpose of accessing a data server on another subnet, an IP forwarder should be used. IP forwarders are usually more efficient than data server chaining.

Some special security situations or network configurations may require chained Data Servers. It is possible to chain Windows NT and UNIX versions of the Data Server, although it consumes excess resources because it involves Data Servers in every access.

To set one Data Server to open a file through another, ensure that the intermediate Data Server's SETOPTS network access bit is enabled via its config.bbx file, and that both host servers are specified on the command line.


In the following example, the Data Server on the accounts host server requests the Data Server on the finance host server to access the /etc/passwd file:

open (1) "/<accounts>/<finance>/etc/passwd"