Before You Call

For detailed information about the BASIS Technical Support Policy, see BBx Generations & Barista Customer Support Handbook.

Before you contact BASIS Technical Support with a problem, collect the following information:


Where it can be found

PRO/5 error number

Listed by number in the Error Messages section of the PRO/5 help system. If the error involves a file or input or a input/output operation, enter the following at the prompt to obtain the TCB(10) value:

print tcb (10)

PRO/5 revision and level, serial number, and build date

Displayed on the terminal screen when PRO/5 is started. From within PRO/5, enter the following at the prompt:
print ssn,rev
Applications running under PRO/5 often have their own level and revision numbers assigned by developers, which cannot be used

Data Server revision and level, and build date

Displayed on the terminal when the Data Server is started.

Computer type, etc.

Contained within the documentation that pertains to the computer and its hardware and software components. Information pertaining to configuration, memory, disk space, number of terminals, etc., is especially important.

Operating system revision and level

Displayed on the screen when one of the following commands is entered:

Operating System Command






uname -a


uname -X

Sometimes, UNIX information can only be obtained from operating system installation tapes. The information should correspond to the PRO/5 INFO() function's operating system name, operating system version, and the CPU ID.