config1.pngSetting TCP Socket Options

The TCP Sockets configuration page provides for creating and removing TCP socket definitions.

  • To add a new TCP socket, click Add.

  • To remove an existing TCP socket, click anywhere in the column, then click Remove.



    Alias name

    Enter an alias name for the socket. The alias must start with "N" and contain tcp.


    Enter a text description of the socket. Do not use quotation marks.

    Conditional expr

    Enter a conditional expression for the socket. It should be in the format T? and will cause it to be valid during a Visual PRO/5 session only if FID(0) = T?.

    Do not route

    Checking the box causes the socket to bypass standard routing.


    Enter the name of the host.

    Keep alive

    Checking the box enables the periodic transmission of messages.

    Linger on CLOSE

    Checking the box causes the close to be blocked until all data has been sent.

    No Delay

    Checking the box prevents the wait for a full send buffer before sending.


    Enter the number of the port. If Host is specified, enter the host to connect to. If Host is not specified, enter the number of the port upon which to start the server.