config1.pngConfigurator Setting DSKSYN, SYSGUI, and Limits Configuration Options

The DSKSYNs/Limits configuration page provides settings for DSKSYN, SYSGUI, and Limits configuration parameters.

DSKSYN (Disable)

The DSKSYN group is used to disable logical disk drives and remove them from the list of drives searched by Visual PRO/5.

  • To disable a drive, click the check box to the left of the drive letter to insert a check mark.

  • To enable a drive, click the check box to clear the check mark.


In the SYSGUI group, define a graphical device name by selecting the SYSGUI device name (available values are X0 through X9). To enable SYSGUI channels to remain open through the execution of the BEGIN verb, click the Persist thru BEGIN check box.


The Limits group box contains the following six configuration values: DEVS, FCBS, CIBS, STBLEN, HANDLES, and FCBCACHE. To change the values of any of these limits, click the row and type in the new value. FCBCACHE is a check box that can be clicked on and off.

Limit name

Description and Range

Visual PRO/5 default


Number of aliased devices that can be accessed simultaneously by Visual PRO/5.



Number of disk files that can be accessed simultaneously by Visual PRO/5.



Number of I/O channels that can be accessed simultaneously by Visual PRO/5. (This is not the total for the system.) Visual PRO/5 associates an I/O channel with either a file or device. There is not necessarily a one-to-one relationship between CIBS and DEVS or between CIBS and FCBS. For example, 2 channels opened to 2 different devices will require 2 CIBS and 2 DEVS; but 2 channels opened to the same device will require 2 CIBS but only 1 DEV.



Size (in bytes) of an internal list of ALIAS names and disk names. The Configurator will update the STBLEN value based on the size of the configuration file.



Maximum number of file handles to be used by each invocation of Visual PRO/5. (This is not the total for the system.) Entering a large number causes Visual PRO/5 to retain a large number of open files (if FCBCACHE is enabled), or allows the user to open a large number of files (if FCBCACHE is disabled).

OS Limit


Directs Visual PRO/5 to maintain at the system level all files opened and closed by the user during the current session. Files maintained at the system level can be reopened very quickly.