REMOVE Verb - Delete Key from Keyed File


REMOVE (channelno,KEY=string{,ERR=lineref}{,DOM=lineref})


For BBj-specific information, see REMOVE Verb - BBj.

The REMOVE statement deletes a key from a keyed file.




Valid channel number.


Key to be removed.


Branch to be taken if an error occurs during execution.


Error branch to use if the key is not found.

The KEY=, ERR=, and DOM= clauses can appear in any order.

PRO/5 fills the associated data record with nulls ($00$) and leaves the file pointer at the key that alphabetically follows the removed key, or at end-of-file. If the desired key does not exist, PRO/5 leaves the file pointer where it was and reports a missing key error, !ERROR=11. A failed REMOVE releases any record locks. REMOVE may be performed on keyed files only.

All C-ISAM files created by INFORMIX4GL and ISQL are created without a primary key. The REMOVE verb will not remove a record that has no primary key from a file. Also, for C-ISAM files, a locked record is released after any successful REMOVE operation, even if the record removed was not the locked record.


1000 REMOVE(1,KEY="TEST KEY",ERR=9500)

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