ENABLE Verb - Enable Disk Access


ENABLE disk{,ERR=lineref}


The ENABLE verb includes the specified disk in the file location. Once a disk is enabled, it cannot be re-enabled, unless it has first been DISABLEd.

PRO/5 takes the optional error branch if the disk cannot be enabled. An !ERROR=14 results if the disk was already ENABLEd.

The disk argument may be a number or string. A numeric argument must evaluate to a meaningful integer, where 0 = drive A:, 1 = drive B:, and so on. A string argument should contain the desired drive letter, and, optionally, a colon (:).


0500 ENABLE "C:"
1000 LET A=4; ENABLE A, ERR=9500
1000 ENABLE "A", ERR=9500

Note the difference between ENABLE A and ENABLE "A".

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