RENUM Verb - Renumber Program Lines (BBj)

For this topic's original documentation, see the RENUM Verb - Renumber Program Lines.

BBj-Specific Information


RENUM {lineno{,increment}}

The lineno and increment parameters are optional. The default for both is 10.

RENUM can be used to add line numbers to a BBj program that does not currently have line numbers. For example:

load "Hello"
REM ' Hello
PRINT "hello, world"
0010 REM ' Hello
0020 PRINT "hello, world"
0030 END


The syntax of the command has been enhanced from just RENUM to RENUM {int{,int}}, where the first integer is the starting line number, and the second integer is the increment value. These values will be overridden by any renumbering commands embedded in REM statements. For example:

renum 100
0100 REM ' Hello
0110 PRINT "hello, world"
0120 END
renum 5,5
0005 REM ' Hello
0010 PRINT "hello, world"
0015 END

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